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the stranger side of fantasy


Short Story - The Wetboy

May 30, 2019

Ras' blood magic makes him a deadly contract killer for hire—a wetboy—brokered by an enigmatic conglomerate called The Company. But when a demon starts tailing him and a routine job goes off the rails, he has to come to terms with his past and who he is to save the only mark he wouldn't kill.

The Author

I still remember the first time someone I respected told me, "Never stop writing, and never stop learning to write better." 

A writer's voice is a manifestation of the unique relationship they've developed with their craft. My hope is that if there are, as I believe, elements of universality beneath the diverse threads of our experiences, I can uncover them here—as support resources, stepping stones, tools added to the crafting table—whether you love to write your own stories or experience those written by others.

It's a journey for me as much as it is for you. By sharing my experiences, what I've learned, the things that make me a good writer and—maybe most importantly—a bad one, I hope you have the courage to share yours, too. 

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