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I still remember the first time someone I respected told me, "Never stop writing, and never stop learning to write better." 

A writer's voice is a manifestation of the unique relationship they've developed with their craft. My hope is that if there are, as I believe, elements of universality beneath the diverse threads of our experiences, I can uncover them here—as support resources, stepping stones, tools added to the crafting table—whether you love to write your own stories or experience those written by others.

It's a journey for me as much as it is for you. By sharing my experiences, what I've learned, the things that make me a good writer and—maybe most importantly—a bad one, I hope you have the courage to share yours, too. 


Short Story - The Wetboy

May 30, 2019

Ras' blood magic makes him a deadly contract killer for hire—a wetboy—brokered by an enigmatic conglomerate called The Company. But when a demon starts tailing him and a routine job goes off the rails, he has to come to terms with his past and who he is to save the only mark he wouldn't kill.

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Behind the Pages: Locations

The constant high winds and rain along Equinox's Horizon made the construction of cities all but impossible before humans mastered the Craft. With magic, the Zath began to erect massive structures of marble and stone that seemed to rise straight out of the mountains they were a part of.


Now, modern-day Zatharyth is a stark vision of vaulting architecture. A sprawling cityscape of white marble columns and sloped rooftops wards the Zath from the winds of Typhus, protecting the marketplaces, arenas, and great halls of the upper warrens.

Meanwhile, below the city, the underwarrens--their winding caverns dimly lit and poorly architected--fall into decay and disrepair.

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